way to check in customers.

Check in customers with a QR code to meet your local requirements. Get started in seconds for free!

Business Sign Up How Does It Work?
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Say goodbye to pen + paper. Say hello to QR codes.

Patrons check in with QR codes. The visit is safely and securely logged into our system if the business ever needs to alert patrons of any important information.

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Contact customers when necessary.

Businesses will be able to alert you without having to give out your contact info to every company.

No personal information is revealed to the business scanning you in.

Your information is stored safely on our encrypted servers.

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Join the awesome community using Privola today!

El Porton
Lost Pizza
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All scans are free.

We are not charging the first 250 businesses that join our platform. Scans are always free to customers.

Increased Foot Traffic

Customers will be more willing to spend on your business if they can see the precautions you are taking.


We respond to any support requests within 1 business day.


Businesses can protect themselves by alerting customers of any risks to limit their liability.

Let's get back on track.